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Closings have not changed in 100 years — it's time for a quantum leap.

Title Leap is a cutting edge closing tool completely designed to meet the needs of top performing realtors... and it's FREE.
Failed Transactions Due to Title Company

In a 2018 Inman poll, realtors felt 50% of all failed transactions were the fault of the closing agent.

When the Title Company Takes Over the Transaction

Realtors manage the first two thirds of a deal, and the closing agent the last third. Realtors can do great work, but the quality of the closing is the last impression your client gets.

Revolutionize Your Closing Experience

Title Leap was 100% designed by realtors to make closings less time consuming, more efficient, and smoother.

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Designed With Agents In Mind

Close more deals in less time, and have more time to find new deals with our easy to use platform.

Integrated Communication

No more searching through hundreds of unrelated emails or texts. All emails, texts, and phone calls are tracked in one at-a-glance communication log.


Every document from the contract on is available 24/7 in real time and forever.

Critical Date Reminders

We provide all the critical dates. This reduces confusion and needless communication. And Title Leap allows you to send custom automated push reminders to buyers and sellers of upcoming events... making you look like a rockstar!

Fewer Calls and Emails

Agents and transaction managers don't have to babysit title companies and closings anymore. Everyone wins more time for new business... more deals.

Punch List

Title Leap provides a check list of every title activity to closing, eliminating the guesswork and needless calls.

It's All You

All Title Leap webpages, emails, and texts can be custom-branded with you and your brokerage's name, images, and logos.

Try before you buy... Oh wait, It's FREE!

Title Leap is free! Click below and start rocking your first file. Integrates seamlessly with your phone, email apps, and texts, and provides a full communication history log.

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It's 100% free!

Features That Save Time in Every Closing and Make You More Efficient.

Our cutting edge closing tool is completely designed to meet the needs of top performing realtors
100% integrated communication
Mobile friendly design
Critical dates provided
Transparent (less communication)
Email log
Agent and party Progress Dashboard
Automated party reminders
Document repository
Internal notes system
Brokers can see the status of their agent's deals
Phone with Title Leap on screen

What They Are Saying

Title Leap Users

Pablo, Realtor
"One click away to being stress free"
Darren, Realtor
"It really simplifies the process"


Title Leap was designed by realtors for realtors giving them the tools to work the way they want to work. Title Leap was built by James N Brown PA, an award winning law firm title agent, based on decades of experience serving the realtor community and closing thousands of Florida home sales. Now you can offer your buyers and sellers a state of the art closing experience that will linger in their minds long after the sale.

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