Title Leap empowers realtors and keeps buyers & sellers in the loop 24/7

Close more deals in less time, and have more time to find new business.

Integrated Communication

No more searching through hundreds of unrelated emails and phone messages. They are saved in our exclusive communication log.

Punch List

Title Leap provides a checklist and real-time status of everything the title agent does from contract to close, keeping agents and parties in the know.

Critical Date Reminders

Title Leap provides the critical dates and automatic text and email reminders to all parties reducing confusion and phone calls.

Documents & Storage

Instant access to all documents… now and forever. Including surveys, reports, estoppels, everything!

Fewer Calls and Emails

Agents and transaction managers have more time to find New Business because babysitting the title company is a thing of the past.

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Productive realtors get more time for new business & the best shot at that referral.

Title Leap was designed by realtors for realtors giving them the tools to work the way they want to work. Title Leap was built by James Brown Law, an award winning law firm/title agent, based on decades of experience serving the realtor community and closing thousands of Florida home sales. Now you can offer your buyers and sellers an efficient state of the art closing experience that will linger in their minds long after the sale.

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One click away to being stress free
It really simplifies the process
It’s so nice to manage my deals on my time.
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Get Title Leap for your title company/law firm.

Drive realtors to your company, beat the big box title companies, become more efficient, move money more securely, free to title agents, and no new costs for buyers/sellers.

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